La belle journée is a company founded in 2016 by Francesco Caspani and Andrea Sperotto.

They met for the first time in 2007 at the Flic, a circus school in Turin where they educated themselves and to create the street performance “Andiamo avanti”. Playing in squares and festivals in Italy.

In 2009 they took different paths...

After 7 years of various experiences (circus schools, training courses, creation of performances, tours), they meet again to start a new project: “Andre” a play of object manipulation, the first creation of the company.


After a childhood spent playing with legos,  between skateboarding and graffiti, Francesco started self-taught juggling at 17. This meeting with juggling  was decisive.

After several years of training, he entered the Flic, circus school of Turin (2007-2009). As soon as he left school he worked as a performer in the company Pantakin da Venezia, in the show “Cirk” (2010-2011), along with performances as an actor-juggler in numerous italian festivals and in various collectives of artists.

He then moved to Toulouse to enter the circus school of Le Lido, from which he graduated in 2012. That’s when he co-founded the company BettiCombo and created in 2014 the show “Al cubo”, a clownish play for three actors, a chinese pole and a multitude of plastic buckets (innovation prize at Festival mondial du cirque de demain 2014, worldwide tour in France, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Estony, Iceland, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Venezuela, Reunion island...)


Andrea discovers the circus at the age of 16 and after attending the formation of the Flic,Circus School of Turin (2007-09), specializes in chinese pole at the Circus School of Lomme in France (2010) -13).

After working with different companies (Willi Durner, Cirque Electrique ...) he co-founded the company Sugar with Pietro Selva Bonino.

Their creation, CANARDS, a physical performance which deals with the opposition between animal instinct and human being, was selected in the first phase of Circus Next 2015/16 (Young Talent Circus Europe).

The passion for the research in the contemporary circus has led him to collaborate with several European projects. 

At this time, he has been selected for the “essential research” grant at the Central del Circ in Barcelona, and collaborates with different performing arts projects internationally.